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I LOVE PICNICS is a picnic entertainment enterprise. We generate happy. We spread fun entertainment through sharing a meal, playing games, and respect for the great outdoors.


Here's the deal...

Picnics are universal.

Picnics are social.

Picnics are wholesome.

Picnics are green.

Picnics are happy.

People love picnics.

Want to have fun?

Grab your friends, head outdoors, and go picnic!!!

I LOVE PICNICS  gives a portion of the proceeds to support the advancement of Animal Welfare, The Arts, The Environment, And Human Rights.


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Picnics, The New Deal...

MONDAY MaRCH 21, 2016


Welcome back SPRING 2016 green grass, afternoon showers, open windows, evening walks, warm sunshine, pretty flowers, picnics in the park.